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Pictures of 25th of Shahrivar High School

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25 Shahrivar High School (1976) Math & Physics. (standing from left: Bizhan Roozrokh, Beheshti, Reza Behrashi, ?, Aghazadeh, Aghaiee, Omrani, Mr. Marzban (teacher), ?, ?, Ramin Zarrabi, ?, Hamid Amirzadeh, ?, Bijan Rofooie,? ? Sitting from left: Hamid Arjomand, Mohammad Ahmadi, Shahriar Hooshangi, Hamid Moradi (back), Behnam Raihani, Farshid Javadzadeh, Sorosh (top), Harmic Zevelian, Mehrdad Pasiyar, Sarang Afzali, Bahman Ghandi )

Contributed By: Kourosh Hemmat

25 Shahrivar, 12th grade. Group picture taken at a field trip to the oil refinery.

25th shahrivar after the war
Contributed By: Ramin Shakibzadeh

After the war
Contributed By: Ramin Shakibzadeh

Sanate Naft(NIOC) stadium,Abadan/Iran

Contributed By: Ramin Shakibzadeh

Contributed By: Ramin Shakibzadeh

Old friend
Contributed By: Ramin shakibzadeh

25th of Shahrivar High School
Contributed By: Ramin shakibzadeh

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